Wow, what a crazy summer this has been for us… finally finishing the mobile studio, hopping between festivals, field recordings, and personal projects…

Got a chance to meet and work with some brilliant bands.
Just this past week, we met up and recorded sketches with two amazing groups-
The world's best busking band (not even joking on this one)- the massively talented and diverse "les poissons voyageurs", 
and Serbia's ambassadors of brass- the Fejat Sejdic Orchestra (check out samples of both in our audio page).
We're now working on another recording trip to North Africa- hopefully this time with the van..
And also preparing for participation in WOMEX 2012.
We've also had the fortune of enlisting the services of a professional photographer- so we'll be upgrading our visual portfolio soon as well..
That's it for now, we'll update soon enough we hope.
Great summer to all.
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