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Take the leap Johno!!

It’s been years, years of talking about my poetry project and how much I just had to get to it and start recording the material properly. Well, mates, it has started!! I just came back from the first sessions of recording the “road not taken” poetry project in TUNISIA- and what a rewarding experience that […]

Isn’t Albanian music fun?

After returning from the Balkans, I started fooling around with some of Andy Shkoza’s material- check out this first sketch.. hope I’ll get around to recording it properly soon enough. Andy Shkoza Sketch

Balkans, second time around

And so the summer came, and so the summer almost left and I got thinking- “well, I still haven’t done anything special this summer..” So with the speed of light… or rather sound, or whatever… I made some calls, packed my bags, my racks, and my beloved mobile studio van, and off we were- to […]

Our YouTube Channel

It took us a few years, but modernity has got her way with us.. and so, reluctantly but nevertheless with our eyes to the future, we opened a youtube channel, and also started making friends in the sacred book of faces. Our first video (well, not really a video, just a recording with a picture.. […]

Merry Chrismas All!

It seems for some reason this holiday season is somehow extra cerebral.. I don’t know what it is, but two weeks before Christmas, and every radio station in Europe is airing none but sweet, kitsch, good old holiday music. So we thought we should join in the fun, and so we lovingly present- sketches of […]

Has the world gone mad?

Even as musicians, enveloped and tangled in our own little artistic bubble of aspirations, inspirations and exasperations, it is impossible to ignore the feeling that our beloved little world is quite nearing its point of ‘absolutely loosing it’. It seems that wherever we went, thought of going, or even heard of or seen on TV […]

And so the summer begins…

With a great project in Morocco- recording the wonderfully talented Yassine Kodssi- son of legendary Gnawa master Abdel Jalil Kodssi. At his young age, already a mature and very distinct voice. Another great hotel room recording session- Check out the new Mberika sample in the audio Gallery. Also this Morocco trip was a chance to […]

April 2013…and so the journey continues..

  Another great visit to Sudan, two more great songs come to life..   By chance (or divine intervention), I was introduced by my friend Osama, to the wonderful singer El-Kheir- a warm and welcoming person, with great dreams and a touching voice.   Within just a few hours we had two songs on the […]

What a year it’s been…

  So, off we go towards the New Year.. and what a year this has been.     Just back from a recording trip to the Sudan- what a place, what amazing people and culture… Really, like nothing else on earth.. it's "Desert time"- slow pace, big smiles, pentatonic madness and the legend of the […]