And now in a less pensive and introspective mood, might I say that I am truly excited!  It seems to be one of the most prolific and fruitful periods I’ve had as a musician and as a producer.  My long-awaited (by me at least) original album is really taking shape, thanks to the great work and help of a few great chums, among them of course my true friend Mohsen Matri who takes great care of the Tunisian side of the recordings, and my great companion Nikos Mixalodimitrakis, who with quite an apt surname, mixes the tracks beautifully, and even takes care of some of the arrangement and production.  Now off to Jordan to continue this Album’s journey, with a few more tracks to initiate.  And also (and this is extremely exciting for me) a short visit to the Palestinian West Bank, Bethlehem included, where I will try to make some music, and hopefully even contribute my small part in making a positive change.

All the best, Johno.

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