Why do I even bother?

It’s obvious, no-one reads this blog.  Well, in general, I should suppose, people don’t read many blogs anymore.. In this day and age of twitter, linkedin, and Facebook, It’s a marvel someone still bothers writing them.  In fact, I haven’t really invested time or energy in writing mine. It’s much easier to post a quick note on a social network, that will be seen instantly by hundreds of people, and then perhaps even shared further on.  But then, after months of not reading or writing pretty much anything of any thought or substance, I realised that posting and tweeting only goes so far, and what’s easily gotten is easily forgotten.  So I decided to give my blogging another shot.  Maybe it’s my way of reviving my long-failing dream of having a diary (well, I did have quite a few diaries at different stages in life, but being the clumsy lad I am, I lost them all within a short time of their grand commencement).  And that said, I officially relieve any poor soul that by pure chance and incidence stumbled upon my blog page, from any obligation to read it, understand it, or tell me about it, I am writing this for me, just so years on, when my index finger will be all too tired to scroll down to ancient, outdated Facebook posts, or tweets or what-have-you’s, I will still have my intimate corner of the web with these simple thoughts and anecdotes, which unlike my childhood diaries, will hopefully never be lost.

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