Take the leap Johno!!

It’s been years, years of talking about my poetry project and how much I just had to get to it and start recording the material properly. Well, mates, it has started!! I just came back from the first sessions of recording the “road not taken” poetry project in TUNISIA- and what a rewarding experience that was.

My old-time friend Mohsen el Matri, master producer, engineer, et al. organized everything, from the brilliant studio (Midofone, owned by legendary Tunisian Superstar Lotfy Bouchnek), to the splendid super-professional musicians (the amazing Hsin Miloud on Ney, local maestro Gdor on Percussion, professor Lotfy Erraies on double bass, Virtuoso Nawfel Madar on Guitar, insanely good Ahmed Chaibi on Kanoun, killing cool Sahbi Mustafah on oud, and Eskander Bin Abid on scorching clarinet).
Check out some pics and first glimpse rough-mix sounds…

Hope to be doing much more of this very soon, and throughout 2017.

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

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